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A school that teaches UI Development from the ground up. It's the perfect blend of
Computer Science, Real-world techniques and a dose of fun :-)

UI Development is a confluence of multiple fields: Arts, Design, Literature, Psychology, Anthropology, ..., and of course Computer Science. All of them have contributed to the rich vocabulary we use today to describe User Interfaces.

Learning and expanding the skills in UI Development can seem daunting given that we are in an ever-expanding world. New tools, technologies, ideas, concepts, processes, practices, which are all changing, only make this tougher to keep up. What doesn't change are the fundamentals and the core principles. Learning them will make your knowledge timeless and help you adapt to this changing world.

The UI Dev is an online school focused on teaching these principles. Its a mix of Computer Science, market-hot technologies, and techniques that will make you a world-class UI Engineer.

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